NuFit Presflo Trim Kits

NuFit Presflo Trim Kits
Item# HSG2313

Quickly and easily replace your old tub drain mechanism. No need to call a plumber, you can do it yourself!

Introducing the NuFit Presflo Trim Kits, a unique replacement drain that fits right into your existing strainer body. The NuFit Presflo Trim Kits clean, simple design allows you to open and close it easily by pushing the round disk at any point.

  • Easy to install
  • Allows replacement of stopper mechanism
  • Allows replacement of poor finish
  • Stopper is theft resistant
  • Save Time and Money

    Included in your NuFit Presflo Trim Kit:
    - Overflow plate
    - Adapter bar to change from a two to a one hole plate
    - Attachment screw
    - Body with PRESFLO™ stopper
    - Suction cup to remove stopper
    - Epoxy packet