Item# HSG8038


is a simple, safe and foolproof way to monitor the amount of oil in your home heating tank. OilAlert lets you know when the oil level in your tank is low via a flashing red warning light or a beeping sound on a small panel that you can locate in a convenient location of your choice, like your kitchen.
  • Eliminate trips to the basement to check the gauge
  • OilAlert prevents you from running out of oil
  • OilAlert can be installed in five minutes
When the level of oil in the tank reaches the mark, OilAlert activates the transmitter and sends a signal to the receiving unit in the kitchen in the form of a red flashing light or beeping sound. The light will remain on until the oil delivery is made and the tank is filled past the level.

The number-one reason why people run out of oil is simply because they forget to check the gauge. OilAlert prevents this from ever happening again, allowing for a worry-free heating season year after year.

OilAlert is your insurance policy against the possibility of ever running out of oil again. OilAlert is a must-have for your peace of mind!

Worry Free Heating Year after Year. You need OilAlert!