oxyQuik™- Emergency Oxygen Unit

Item# HSG9000

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The One Touch, Easy To Use, Emergency Oxygen Unit, That No Public Place Should Ever Be Without!

Did you know that the average response time for emergency services to arrive is about 10 to 12 minutes? This may not be fast enough for a victim to survive – especially in remote areas, where first response services are farther away. oxyQuik™ bridges the gap between the 911 call and the arrival of first responders, for up to 25 minutes.

Unexpected events happen...
...at offices, schools, airports... If you serve the public, you must be prepared for every emergency.

Automatic Safety Alerts with oxyQuik™.
  • When a customer registers their oxyQuik online, they will automatically be signed up to receive  2 oxyQuik Safety Alerts.

  • Emergency oxygen training alert
    - Sent every 24 months
    - Instruct customer to review the complete training program

  • oxyQuik™ maintenance alert
    Sent every 4 months
    Instruct customer to check if the gauge is in the "green zone" & is in a safe and accessible location

*For Medical Professionals Only.  Credentials are required.

  Important - oxyQuik IS SHIPPED

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