The Personal Power Plate

The Personal Power Plate
Item# HSG8443

Better Health through
Advanced Reflex Training & Therapy.

Imagine working out just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week and achieving the same amazing results as conventional exercise methods that take hours out of your week. Imagine a truly low impact exercise method that produced high impact results, where the “no pain, no gain” cliché didn’t apply. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not. Introducing the Personal Power- Plate, and its cutting-edge advanced reflex technology – a training method that’s yielding amazing benefits for the country’s top health clubs, collegiate and professional athletes, physical therapists and celebrities.

Why The Personal Power Plate works:
Advanced Reflex Technology (also known as “Whole Body Vibration”) exploits the body's innate reflexive response to disruptions in stability in order to stimulate a wide array of fitness benefits. The Power-Plate’s central platform produces rapid, subtle vibrations at a rate of 30-50 per second, creating what feel’s like a buzzing sensation and triggering a stretch reflex (muscle contraction) for each and every vibration.

Just as the leg kicks forward involuntarily when the doctor strikes the lower knee to test reflexes, the body's muscles engage in an involuntary reflexive contraction in response to the subtle disruption in stability created by the vibrating platform. The body's reaction to this mechanical stimulus is completely natural and occurs involuntarily at the neural level.

The Personal Power-Plate also stimulates a significant increase in blood circulation throughout the body. Tendons are stretched, and even deep-lying muscles such as the pelvic floor muscles, the muscles around the spinal column and in the face are reinforced by this reflex activation.

The simple control panel display on the Personal Power-Plate ensures the ultimate user-friendliness, and allows even inexperienced people to use the Personal Power-Plate with ease. Time and frequency are set automatically, and frequency (training intensity) can be adjusted by varying with the three different Power-Plate mats supplied. The Personal Power-Plate is safe and practical. It takes up very little space and is virtually maintenance free. Anyone can use the Personal Power-Plate, whether top athletes, untrained, elderly or overweight.

Benefits are considerable with just a few being:
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Increased bone density
  • Enhanced collagen production and improved skin condition
  • Increased metabolic rate (fat burning)
  • Pain reduction
  • Expedited regeneration & strengthening of muscle, tendon and bone tissues
  • Increased released of key wellness hormones including HGH, testosterone & serotonin
  • Reduced Cortisol

    Training on the Personal Power-Plate is similar to any other form of training. You start with easy, short training sessions, and gradually progress to a more intense program. By increasing the impact of the training, you will result in a stronger body. The training schedules provided will work well for most people but not everyone. Please keep in mind there are always individual differences: what applies to one person may not apply to someone else. The most important principle is to listen to your body.

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