Pfrankmd Skincare

Pfrankmd Skincare
Item# HSG2233

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank brings you the skincare package that really works to bring back your youthful appearance!

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is a renown New York Cosmetic Dermatologist and author of "Turn Back the Clock Without Losing Time". He has created a line of products with the mantra that skincare should be simple, protective and pampering. His first obstacle - to minimize and heal trauma to the skin. Once that has been accomplished, healthy skin can rejuvenate and look its best.

The Pfrankmd line of skincare products utilizes nature to renew skin that has been damaged by time, skin disease, products and environmental pollutants and stresses. Dr. Frank's regimen benefits all skin types, from dry to extra sensitive and acne-prone. The Pfrankmd line uses scientifically proven botanical ingredients with anti-inflammatory power, avoiding many of the harsh chemicals found in other products.

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