Audéo PFE, Perfect Fit Earphones

Item# HSG8352

Great Sound. Perfect Fit. Designed For You.

Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones combine highest sound quality and a trendsetting design with exceptional comfort and outstanding performance.

Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones are developed by Phonak the leading manufacturer of hearing systems which has decades of experience with the human ear. This knowhow enables them to offer earphones that deliver perfect fit and great sound to all music lovers.  A variety of accessories allow for the ultimate music experience. With different easy-to-replace audio filters, the frequency response can be adapted to your individual listening preferences. In addition, the ear tips provide ambient noise attenuation, allowing users to listen to lower volumes without subjecting their ears to loud, damage-causing sound levels.

Audéo PFE with microphone is compatible the iPhone™.  The microphone is equipped with a convenient button that allows you to pause your music to answer incoming calls.


  • Audéo PFE with 2 filters mounted
  • Audio filter box with 6 audio filters and changing tool
  • Silicone ear tips – 1 pair Small,1 pair Medium, 1 pair Large
  • ComplyTM foam tips – 1 pair Medium
  • Cleaning tool for ear tips
  • 2 silicone ear guides
  • Carrying case

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Black & Grey Audio Filters and Changing Tool:

The easy-to-replace, passive audio filters adapt the frequency response to your individual listening preferences.

The purpose of this filter is to provide you with the best quality sound that matches what you would hear naturally when not wearing ear tips. Hearing differs significantly from one person to another, and unlike standard earphones, Audéo PFE allows you to select the filter that works best for you.

The black audio filters provide stronger bass and treble.  The grey audio filters provide stronger middle tones.

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Silicone Ear Tips:

The Silicon Ear Tips are simply placed in the auditory canal for maximum comfort.

Find the perfect fit by trying all sizes. You can exchange the silicone ear tips at any time for another size or for ComplyTM foam tips. Each pair of silicone ear tips can be reused multiple times. Simply wash them with mild soap and water after use.

Silicone ear tips are available in a set with 3 pairs (sizes small, medium & large)

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Comply™ foam tips with Cleaning Tool:

Simply compress the Comply™ foam tips with your fingers and place them in the auditory canal for maximum comfort. The ComplyTM foam eartips are filtering out ambient noise, making them the best choice for travel or use in noisy surroundings.

The Cleaning Tool will help to extend the life of your ear tips by keeping them clean.  Use the cleaning tool for the tube of the ear tips (silicone or foam).    


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Silicone Ear Guides:

The soft Silicone Ear Guides help route the cables comfortably around the ears for optimum hold and reduced cable noise. The snug fit is especially great during exercise because the earphones stay firmly in place.

  • Sound pressure level: 107 dB SPL/mW, 1 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms, 1 kHz
  • Frequency range: 5Hz - 17kHz
  • Cable length: 3.6 ft/110 cm
  • Weight: 0.6 oz/15 g
  • Connection: Compatible with the iPhone™ and other mobile digital devices with a 3.5mm stereo jack.



Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones
Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones
Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones with Microphone
Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones with Microphone