Item# HSG2514

Did you know you may be practicing
your short game the
WRONG way?

You don't play with range balls,
so why are you practicing with them?



The ProSleeve allows you to carry around your brand of golf balls so you can practice around the green smarter and faster. Give the trigger on the handle a quick pull to release the golf ball. You can then strategically place up to 14 golf balls around the practice green , chip and putt the shots you want to perfect.

When it's time to pick up the golf balls you never have to bend over, simply place the  ProSleeve over the ball, tilt it towards you slightly and push down on the ball.   



Improving your chipping and putting shots is the most effective way to lower  your score. ProSleeve maximizes practice time by allowing the golfer to make more shots with less effort. After practicing around the green with a specific brand of golf ball, a golfer can become very familiar with how that ball will react in various situations.

Practice the ProSleeve way and improve your game.

  Click here to see the ProSleeve in action!

The ProSleeve is perfect for everyone
from beginners to instructors!