PURAX Pure Pads & Antiperspirant Roll-On

PURAX Pure Pads & Antiperspirant Roll-On
Item# HSG10120

Secure and discrete protection - with PURAX Pure Pads you're always protected.  They are self-adhesive pads for the armpit, applied directly on the skin. Each PURAX Pure Pad protects without hindering work, leisure or sports.

PURAX Pure Pads are designed to prevent unpleasant, embarrassing perspiration spots on clothes and have the advantage of preventing odors for a longer period. They keep the armpit clean, dry and absorb bad odor all in a comfortable no-slip pad. The perspiration is immediately retained in the pad's core and will give a well-groomed - and above all - an everyday safe feeling.

In order to feel dry, safe and well-groomed on any occasion (such as business meetings, sports, etc.) - you should use PURAX Pure Pads every day.

The pads allow the air to circulate, are very smooth and are very comfortable to wear.

Because of their special shape PURAX Pure Pads won't slide. The pads consist of a highly absorbent soft fleece that allows perspiration to pass quickly through to the inside of the pads.

The fluids are safely enclosed. Despite high air circulation and moisture permeability, the pads control smell. Due to a speedy absorption, they have optimal security against spills.


The quality of the skin tested adhesive ensures a reliable hold and lets the skin breathe. The adhesive has a very good hold even on body parts that often, allows to moisture permeate, and is well tolerated by delicate or sensitive skin.

PURAX Pure Pads can be removed painlessly without residue.

PURAX Antiperspirant Roll-On is extra strong and helps sufferers to treat excessive sweating.
The Roll-On definitely blocks underarm sweat against sweat stains and bad odor!

  • Maximum strength antiperspirant to treat Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating
  • Simply use just once or twice a week at night before retiring to bed
  • Lasts up to 7 days in the affected area
  • Not affected by normal washing
  • Up to 6 month regular use
  • Unisex for underarm
  • Smooth & skin-friendly to sensitive skin

50ml roll-on bottle