Sport Activity Storage System

Sport Activity Storage System
Item# HSG11201B

Tired of a messy, unorganized garage? The Sport Activities Storage System is a fantastic item that provides an easy solution to storage quandaries.
  • 37 Feet of rope; effective for ceiling up to 12 ft
  • Child safety lock for excess rope
  • Easy for anyone to install
  • Lift heavy objects with little effort
  • Patented safety lock device
  • Conveniently store everything away
The Sport Activities Storage System works great with bicycles, kayaks, canoes, diving equipment, surfboards, snowboards, golf equipment, ladders and many other items. We place great value on quality so the product utilizes only high grade materials. Every Sport Activities Storage System comes with the necessary implements for installation. The installation process is simple: no mess, no hassle, no problem. All Materials Included! Drill bit and Screws Included, no extra trip to the store!

  • Tested to hold up to 413 lbs each hook
  • In the event that the user loses their grip, the patented safety lock device will automatically secure both, your item and rope.
  • Pulley system enables the user to transport objects with only a quarter of the weight and effort of regular lifting.