Item# HSG10101

Knocked-out Teeth Can Be Saved!
Save-A-Tooth® is the revolutionary system that saves smiles!

Save-A-Tooth is the easiest way to prevent tooth loss from an accident and save knocked out teeth. In the 21st century, there is no reason anyone should loose a tooth in an accident. Modern science has made it possible to preserve teeth until they can be replanted by a dentist.

Get peace of mind knowing that you and your children are completely protected by the best tooth preserving system on the market!

Buy Save-A-Tooth today and get the missing piece of your first aid kit.

Save-A-Tooth Saves Knocked out teeth!


You & your children are at risk for tooth loss!

  • Over 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States
  • Teeth begin to die 15 minutes after they have been knocked out
  • Children Under the age of 18 cannot get a permanent replacement tooth
  • Serious injuries can prevent teeth from being saved in time


Save-A-Tooth has a 91% success rate!

How Does Save-A-Tooth Work?  The suspension net gently removes debris and prevents movement or damage by the dentist.

  • Tooth is accidentally knocked out
  • Grab Save-A-Tooth® from a first aid kit.
  • Remove the sterile seal
  • Drop the tooth into the system
  • Screw on leak proof cap
  • Get to a dentist within 24 hours
  • Dentist removes the tooth safely from the container
  • Tooth is reimplanted

Most HMOs don’t cover Permanent replacement teeth.

  • Replacement teeth can cost over $4000 and require months of dental work! Keeping your natural teeth will only cost about $300!
  • Save-A-Tooth lasts two years, twice as long as other brands!