Shield Fire Protection

Shield Fire Protection
Item# HSG12309

A Safer Solution for the #1 Leading Cause of Home Fires

Ideal for the home, the revolutionary Shield Fire Protection Kitchen Guard Wet Chemical Aerosol Fire Extinguisher quickly and safely extinguishes cooking oil and grease fires.

The first wet-chemical fire-suppressant spray for use inside your home, Kitchen Guard works more effectively than traditional extinguishers, with little to no mess. 

The instant-action spray ensures that oil does not splash and immediately stifles the spread of flames, to prevent fires from reigniting.

Ideal for both homeowners and renters, the Shield Fire Protection Home Guard Aerosol Fire Extinguisher  quickly and safely extinguishes fires in combustible materials, such as wood, fabric, rubber, and plastic.

This powerful formula uses advanced wetting properties and high heat absorption to fight combustion fires.

Independently certified and tested, this foam spray features an extended discharge that gives you ample time to extinguish a fire and insures no reignition.