Signatures Book & CD by John Michael Talbot
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Accepting a ministry that has spanned over twenty-five years, John Michael Talbot is well known as one who gave up the riches that come with fame. Living as a hermit in the integrated monastic community he founded in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, many of the songs from his many albums are known and loved by millions over the world. With 46 albums, 15 books and numerous video teachings on ministry to the poor, simple living, Franciscan and monastic community living, John Michael Talbot has set himself apart as a true servant of God.

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Signatures CD
John Michael has re-recorded these signature works in London with St. Michael's Singers from Coventry Cathedral and the Sinfonia of London. Veteran orchestrator Phil Perkins presents arrangements that are at once familiar and new, with the grace and sensitivity deserving of these classic works.

Song List
  1. Lilies of the Field
  2. Come Worship the Lord (Psalm 95)
  3. One Faith
  4. God Alone is Enough
  5. Come Holy Spirit (Veni Sancte Spiritus)
  6. The Magnificat: Prelude of Faith/Holy Is His Name
  7. The Hiding Place
  8. Only in God (Psalm 62)
  9. The Simple Hearts
  10. Advent Suite
  11. Healer of My Soul
  12. I Am The Bread of Life
  13. I Abandon Myself
  14. I Surrender/St. Theresa's Prayer
  15. Because You Are Chosen
These signature works have become daily prayer for millions and made their composer an inspirational icon. John Michael Talbot's music continues to call Christians to a deeper place of private, personal communion with God. Signatures is 16 favorites re-recorded with symphony orchestra and choir to capture the beauty, serenity, prayer and worship of his music.

Signatures Book
The authorized biography of John Michael Talbot. Never-before seen photos from all phases of his career and ministry. Here is the inspiring story of a former country-rock star turned monastic hermit who deliberately went from "riches to rags" and called that success.

John Michael Talbot is the Troubadour for the Lord!

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