Skin Protect - 16oz

Item# HSG8037

Skin Protect
has been proven to help those with skin conditions that are worsened by external irritants. Skin Protect lotion creates an invisible, non-greasy barrier which prevents irritants, germs and potentially dangerous substances from penetrating the hands and other skin surfaces for up to four hours, even in water.

Skin Protect
is both fragrance and colour free.  Skin Protect does not contain aloe, lanolin or zinc which can cause allergic reactions and are often found in other over the counter "hypoallergenic" skin products.


Skin Protects' safe and non-toxic ingredients are proven to be rapidly absorbed, combining with the skin's own natural properties to form a double microfilm of protection which remains effective even after frequent washings with household soap and water. 

The top microfilm layer forms on the skin surface to repel harmful substances. The second protective barrier is formed within the skin. This double protection has a molecular structure which does not inhibit the skin's ability to 'breathe' and damaged skin will often begin to heal naturally. Touch, sensitivity and mobility remain totally unimpaired.

It is an ideal product for men, women, infants and children to use regularly as a protector, moisturizer and enhancer of the skin

Skin Protect remains 100% EFFECTIVE after many washings and long exposure to water.


Skin Protect can be used by:

  • Athletes / outdoors sportsmen and women - protects against the rubbing affects of clothing, will not break down the properties of neoprene.  Will protect against chlorine and pool chemicals.  Fragrance free Skin Protect will not interfere with wildlife when used by hunters and fisherman.  And the clinging effect of odors, from such activities, will more easily wash away afterwards

  • Allergy sufferers - protects the skin against contact dermatitis, allergies to jewelry, makeup and many other materials.

  • Doctors/Nurses/EMT's/Healthcare workers - protects against those who need to regularly wash their hands, are in contact with germs and need to wear gloves regularly.  Does not break down the properties of latex.

  • Patients - As a moisturizing lotion Skin Protect will protect a patient against germs, will not affect the adhesive properties of bandages and can help with the prevention of bed sores.

  • Mechanics - protects against the oils and greases they are constantly in contact with and the barrier will ease the cleaning of hands at the end of the day as the dirt/grease will not have penetrated the skin.

  • Teachers/Bankers/Shop Assistants - a good barrier against germs that are constantly passed around between people touching and sharing items.

  • Creative Jobs and Hobbies - protects against chemicals and drying affects of certain materials like clay and plaster.  Will aid in the cleaning of hands.  Will not affect/stain fabrics.

  • Hair Stylists / Cosmetologists - can be used as a barrier under makeup or hair dyes around the scalp. Protects the hands from the breakdown caused by constant contact with water and shampoos.

  • Technicians - will not leave grease marks on sensitive materials.

  • Florists - a good barrier for those who work around water and chemicals used to treat/preserve flowers.

  • Infants - protects against diaper rash, baby eczema and drool around the mouth.

  • Around the house and in the garden Skin Protect can protect against the many household cleaning chemicals we use daily, as well as protecting the skin from absorbing smells while prepping in the kitchen.