The Smart Light®

The Smart Light®
Item# HSG8214

  • 12 –Volt operation.
  • Easy to install... uses same hole pattern as most standard lights.
  • Reverse polarity protected – If wired wrong, it will not damage the unit. Simply switch the wires and the unit will work properly.
  • Daylight sensor installed – will not come on in daylight while in motion detection mode.
  • Senses battery function – LED blinks battery condition.
  • The Smart Light® will never deplete your house battery. It automatically turns off if your coach battery drops below 11.5 volts, at which point the LED blinks Red to alert you that your battery is dangerously low.
  • Can also be used as a standard porch light

Due to our innovative software and patented technology, this light will differentiate between a human and a small animal or inanimate object.  Thus, it won't be set off all hours of the night by the wind or campground critters.  The Smart Light® is controlled by a microprocessor that contains hundreds of lines of programming, giving The Smart Light® its intelligence.

The Smart Light®
is designed for 12- volt applications such as lighting RV entryways and camping areas.
Its low profile of 2" is DOT compliant, which allows one to legally mount it on both sides, and the rear of an RV.  Installation is easy – the hole-pattern is the same as most standard lights. The Smart Light® is reverse polarity protected, which means that if you accidentally install it wrong, the unit will not be damaged.

The Smart Light® functions as a normal entryway light, but what makes it better is that its functions expand to include motion detection, battery low detection, and daylight automatic shut off. To enter the motion detection mode, the light switch is turned on, then off then on again within 15 seconds. This action tells the microprocessor to start working. If the light is turned off for more then 15 seconds, it reverts to the normal light function mode.

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Technical Specs:
Main Body - Is molded from a FR15U CSA Flame class rating 3 UV protected Resin-
Lens cover - Is molded from RTP Compound, 300FR A UV, which is UV stabilized
Dimensions - 10.37 x 4.167 x 2.0 inches
Operational Temp - (-40C [-40F] to +85C [185F])
Color - Bone White (
Paintable to match any RV)

Lamp - 12 volt type 1003
Total Power Usage - When in sensing mode - 0.25 watts; When Bulb is activated - 12.5 watts