Sonopathy Female Balance CD

Sonopathy Female Balance CD
Item# HSG10103

Say Goodbye to
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
With the Click of a Button
A New Way to Avoid PMS

After only a few minutes of listening to Female Balance test subjects have reported
  • A soothing cascade of calm
  • Tension released from the solar plexus
  • Tension, spasms, and pain released from the lower abdomen, neck and head
  • A peaceful wellbeing
  • Headache relief
  • Reduction of melancholy and depression.


Is this something you would like to experience yourself? Now you can!

What Gets the Female Body Off Balance?

Research shows that PMS is predominantly related to hormonal imbalances between estrogen and progesterone. There are many reasons that balance could come off.

One of them is for example that many of the chemicals in our environment mimic estrogen. The most famous being the bisphenols that are in almost all plastics we use. Those substances end up in varying amounts in your body and, according to a recent newsletter by Al Sears, MD, your body will compensate for this “lookalike” estrogen by lowering production of the real hormone. The body thinks the hormone is already there, when in fact it is not there. A possible result could be that your estrogen level is too low.

How Can You Help Your Body Achieve Balance?
Just like you feel instantly better when you hear certain kinds of music, smell a beautiful flower, or get a call from your best friend, you feel a sudden sense of peace, happiness, and comfort.

Now, imagine a vibration that travels through your body that helps your hormonal system to balance itself. Your body is always trying to achieve the best possible balance. The intention of the Sonopathy technology is to provide a “set point” for your body, so it “remembers” better where it wants to be, in a healthy state of well-being. Using the Sonopathy signal as a reference point, it is suggested that your body can achieve balance much faster than without the reference signal.

The Sonopathy Female Balance is a mix of the recorded vibrations of a variety of different natural substances. Those recorded vibrations are then converted into an audible sound file which can be played on any computer, stereo or MP3 player.

What Happens When Those Vibrations Enter Your Body?
Some studies suggest that the resonance of a substance may increase the absorption of the physical form.

Example: when your body is exposed to the resonance frequencies of Vitamin C the physical form of Vitamin C may be more efficiently metabolized in your body.

More Vitamin C from your food ends up in your body. Based on this principle we developed the Sonopathy Female Balance to help the female body to achieve balance during PMS or menopause.

How Did We Come Up With the Sonopathy Sounds?
For quantum physicists all matter is a wave, a frequency. The Sonopathy technology captures the waves of natural substances and converts them into audible sound.

These recordings are then added as tracks to our sound mix to create the Female Balance. The resulting MP3 can be played on any computer or MP3 player.

You can listen to it if you prefer, or for longer exposure you can just put the earphones somewhere on your body. Most women conveniently tuck the earphones behind their waistband.

Our testers reported that the the sound feels more potent when the earphones are on the body. You can just play around with it and find out what works best for you.

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