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Instantly Translate Whatever You Hear & Say!


Interact is the ultimate electronic interpreter: you speak to the system, it repeats what you said in a different language and at the same time generates a complete transcript of the conversation. No human interpreter, no dictionaries, no memorizing of pre-recorded phrases; just real-time speech-to-speech translation of conversations.

Initially developed for the United States military and still available to qualified government buyers, Interact can now be purchased and used by everyone.

Other voice-based translators exist: they rely on the user speaking a fixed set of phrases, each of which corresponds to a pre-recorded translation. This is fine if you don't need to translate more than you can memorize -- but if you want the freedom to literally say any combination of words and have them translated then and there, Interact is your product.

Great for: medical professionals, lawyers, business people, contractors, human resource departments, anyone who needs to communicate in a different language than their own.

SpeechGear understands that communication is often unpredictable and that the limitation of using a pre-determined set of phrases is not feasible for real situations Interact gives you the freedom to literally say any combination of words and translate what you say in real-time.
This version of Interact supports bi-directional translation from English to Spanish.

Interact uses the latest in speech recognition, machine translation, and voice synthesis technology to give you the most transparent translation available. 

During voice detection, the system uses the surrounding context to correctly identify similar-sounding words, such as "right" and "write". Speech recognition improves even further with continued use, as the system adapts to your voice.
With real-time translation, errors such as misspeaking or idiomatic phrases with no meaningful translation can be detected and corrected immediately, allowing you to rephrase and retranslate right after translation has occurred—or, with the repeat-back and editing features, even before translation takes place.

There are many tools out there that facilitate communication between people who don't share a common language. But there's only one that allows you to truly Interact.
Compadre:Interact requires the use of a PC with a minimum of a 1 Ghz processor speed, running Windows XP and 1GB of RAM.

Compadre:Interact (English to Spanish)
  • SpeechGear's Compadre:Composer translation management tool
  • High Quality Shure SM58s Microphone
  • Microphone Cable
  • Interact User Guide

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