Sugar Street Weavers Handwoven Rug Set

Sugar Street Weavers Handwoven Rug Set
Item# HSG-9750

Sugar Street Weavers Handwoven Rug Set

The SUGAR STREET WEAVERS Handwoven Rug Set includes four original rugs that are made from "sock ends" which involves "looping" (fastening) sock ends into long strands for weaving. Each rug is tied by hand after being woven on a hand icon for original authenticity. Because the knots are looped by hand, these one of a kind rugs can never be automated or machine reproduced.

The Handwoven Rug Set is in a class of its own, inspired by country and contemporary designs. These textured accents are functional and artsy! Our handwoven rugs with randomly mixed color patterns create a sense of "uniqueness" that will stand out in any home.
Included in the set are four rugs that vary in size!

  • One 18"x30" rug
  • Two 24"x36" rugs
  • One 24"x72" rug