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top wasting money on expensive and time-consuming vocabulary preparation classes for the ACT and SAT. Learn vocabulary words on your own time at affordable prices. Text Tutor, helps you to increase your ACT vocabulary and SAT vocabulary, One Word At A Time.

Text Tutor
delivers ACT and SAT vocabulary words one at a time directly to your cell phone. Read them when you choose, and study on your own time.

While the vocabulary words presented by Text Tutor are representative of words found in the SAT and ACT exams, Text Tutor does not guarantee that the vocabulary words presented by Text Tutor will appear in any particular SAT or ACT exam.)

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You will receive at least four text messages for each vocabulary word. This repetition, combined with quizzing, is designed to help you thoroughly learn these important words.

Periodically, Text Tutor will send you a multiple-choice quiz to check your progress. Each quiz consists of a vocabulary word with four possible definitions. Just reply with the correct answer. If you miss a question, we'll send you the word again to study.

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Progress Reports can be automatically sent to parents or teachers.

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*Text Tutor will send an average of one word per day to the studentís cell phone. If a word is not delivered on a particular day - due to problems with the wireless network or other technical issues - the word can be re-sent, upon the studentís request, at any time.

To place your order you will need student's first name, student's last name, student's cell phone number, student's wireless carrier and student's email address.

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