Thorlos® Exercise Walking System

Thorlos® Exercise Walking System
Item# HSG8793

Introducing the Thorlos® Exercise Walking System, a complete three part system that is designed to make your feet happy.

The Thorlos Exercise Walking System has three discrete components designed and engineered to work integrally together to produce a dynamic environment for the foot.It's time to stop the pain and discomfort that are barriers to the enjoyment of walking. The innovative Thorlos Exercise Walking System is so natural and comfortable, you'll wonder how you ever walked without them.



SYSTEM•SOC™ – provides a perfect fit and profound comfort for the foot.



THOR•LO•THOTICS™ footbed – energizes the gait and provides better support



SYSTEM•SHOE™ – lightweight and requires no break-in period

When you use The Thorlos Exercise Walking System you will experience Profound Comfort™ that will enable you to walk longer and enjoy it more. For exercise walking all components must be used together as a system...socks, footbed and shoes. When used properly you will feel more comfortable and more natural than with other footwear products

Proper fit is essential to derive all the benefits of the Thorlos Exercise Walking System . Therefore, we ask consumers who order via the web to go through our precision fit sizing procedure. This procedure includes printing out foot forms and measuring your feet on those forms (which will require the assistance of another person). Then, once the forms are complete, you will need to mail them to Thorlos for your order to be fulfilled. We have consumer service representatives available for consultation at our toll-free number during regular working hours (8 AM to 5 PM Eastern time)
to assist you in this process: (888) 846-7567.

Please follow this link to order your Thorlos Exercise Walking System.

Make your feet smile!