Time to Sing CD

Time to Sing CD
Time to Sing CD
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Time to Sing CD
Little children love to sing - but they need to sing at their own speed. Time to Sing! includes 26 classic children's songs and each recording has been newly arranged! The music is fun, playful and beautiful, and the words are slower than the originals allowing everyone to easily sing along - even young children who are still learning to speak. Plus, the wide variety of arrangements, styles and settings makes this a joy to listen to again...and again!

A young childís world is filled with song, from the first lullaby, to "Happy Birthday". Children hear dozens of songs at pre-school, at home, and on television. A young childís participation in sing-alongs provides socialization, self-esteem, and the brain development so often associated with music in early childhood.

So we carefully chose each of the 26 songs to provide a unique group sing-along experience especially for pre-school and early school-age children. Our compact disc has also found success as a "tool" to facilitate speech and language expansion in the home and classroom settings.

The songs were all brilliantly arranged by the Musical Director of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Michael Moricz, and the speed of each song was set by the eminent speech pathologist, David Hammer. Originators of this concept and parents themselves, Executive Producers, Robert Moir & Mary Sturm brought together a talented team of artists, parents, and children that were part of this unique and engaging compact disc.

We hope your children enjoy these fresh new looks at classic songs, now that they have time...to sing!

Time to Sing includes the following 26 songs: Wheels on the Bus, Aiken Drum, I Love You, Shake Your Sillies Out, One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, Eentsy Weentsy Spider, Hokey Pokey (Sing-Along Version), Wibbely Wobbely Woo, The Alphabet Song, Jack and Jill, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If Youíre Happy and You Know It, Baby Bumblebee, Pop Goes the Weasel, Iím a Little Teapot, Bingo, You Are Special, Apples and Bananas, Five Little Frogs, Old McDonald, Mister Sun, Head and Tummy, Ten Little Indians, Five Little Monkeys, Sing!, Hokey Pokey (Dance Version)

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