A Tool Rack

A Tool Rack
Item# HSG8754

Introducing the easy-to-install, adjustable and
sturdy rack for all your tools - A Tool Rack!

A Tool Rack is great for those who want to keep their hand tools more organized and safe. This Tool Rack is made of heavy galvanized sheet metal, (16ga), which promotes strength and durabilty. Plus, it can hold up to 200 pounds! It is adjustable and because it conforms to the Uniform Building Code standards that require the verticle wall studs to be 16" on center, it can be easily and securely mounted. Also, there are finger holes on the bottom of the rack, allowing for adjustments after the rack has been mounted.

Use A Tool Rack to organize garden and lawn tools,
other hand tools, and even as sporting good storage!

Order your "A Tool Rack" today to get yourself
and your tools more organized and safe!