VELCRO® Brand Button Conversion Kits

VELCRO® Brand Button Conversion Kits
Item# HSG11302
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VELCRO® Brand Button Conversion Kit

Easy Closures with a Buttoned-Up Look™

Ideal for friends and family, whether young or the not so young, who have difficulty fastening buttons. This no-sew kit gives everyone the ease and convenience of VELCRO® fasteners while keeping the original look of your favorite shirts and blouses.

No need to waste lots of money for tailoring or limit your style to boring pull-over jerseys. VELCRO® Button Conversion Kits allow you to wear your favorite styles, and shop at your usual retailers, then simply convert the original fasteners to “Easy Closures with a Buttoned Up Look™”.

  • Keeps original look of the garment intact
  • No Sewing needed
  • Quick, easy iron-on fastener adheres to your shirt
  • Velcro®  fastener is virtually invisible
  • Each 3 Pack Kit allows you to easily convert 3 shirts or blouses