Washdrops Car Care Kit

Washdrops Car Care Kit
Item# HSG10342A

A quick, easy and environmentally responsible way to wash your vehicle! Washdrops™ is a NEW unique Wash and Shine Solution.  Washdrops works on ALL the surfaces of the car: body, windows, chrome, tire rims, etc. It leaves no soapy film, no streaks and no spots. Simply wash and wipe immediately for a showroom shine!

It's all about Convenience and Results!  

Use only one bucket, no hose, no rinse!

You can wash any average-sized vehicle anywhere with only one gallon of water and one fluid ounce of Washdrops powerful yet gentle proprietary scientific formula.

Washdrops helps comply with the US  Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act. It is biodegradable, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free, ammonia free. Washdrops is completely non-hazardous - after you are done washing, you can even dispose of  the Washdrops solution on a lawn or flowerbed.

Ideal for:

  • Apartment Dwellers

  • Commercial or Industrial Organizations

  • Water Usage Restricted Areas - campgrounds, parking lots, garages etc

Washdrops Car Care Kit Includes:
  • One (1) - 16 oz bottle, enough for 16 washes and shines
  • One (1) - chenille sponge with gentle scrubber
  • One (1) - super sized drying towel
  • 3 pack of all-purpose towels