What Your Mother Never Told You: A Teenage Girls Survival Guide

Item# HSG8206

What Your Mother Never Told You was written by Richard Dudum to help teenage girls anticipate real world issues and to provide strategies and tools to address those issues.

Chapters include:
  • How Will You Be Remembered After High School?
  • Figure Out Who You Are...NOT
  • Change Friends When It's Time
  • Don't Dress or Act Like a Ho
  • Always Have a Game Plan
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Body
  • Facebook, Email, Webcams
  • You Don't Owe Him Jack
  • Sex Is Often the Beginning of the End
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  • Allow Yourself to Be a Teenager
  • Get Up and Leave
  • Body Language
    And much more!

"This book offers teenage girls courage, compassion, and strategies for dealing with life in today's complex and difficult world. Richard Dudum addresses directly a wide range of issues, providing specific tools for the specific challenges teenage girls face today. His message throughout is one of empowerment and self-respect."
-Jeannine K.

"..the short, easily digested sections are perfect for the text-messaging generation that tends to avoid parental discussions and rely upon unverified information from peers."
J. Clark

"This book is direct and to the point, there is no beating around the bush. It's written in a conversational style and in language that teenage girls use and understand. Every girl should read this book to know how to protect herself and to hold on to her integrity. This book helps girls make better decision early on and allows them to avoid the negative consequences of making wrong choices. It's difficult getting this information from your parents, it's easier reading the book"
- Eva

"Used as a tool for parents to broach topics with reluctant-to-talk teens or as a guide for them to read on their own, this book is sure to touch lives, inform minds, and even make you smile as you read about how "you don't owe him Jack..." It is "the talk" on subjects that might make you blush, but are the must have tools for today's society. Bravo!"
-Heather F.

"Loved the book. Very insightful. I passed it along to my 16 year old daughter and recommended that her friends read it too. Thank you for writing such an important book and giving young girls some wonderful suggestions on how to maintain their dignity and enjoy some of the best years of their lives."
- M. Coyne