World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter
Item# HSG-9817

Introducing World’s Best Cat Litter™, the all-natural cat litter made from whole-kernel corn that is safe for cats of all ages!

World's Best Cat Litter™ is best for you and for your cat. It contains no clays, silica dust,synthetic binding or dust-reducing agents, and it's 99% dust-free! So you and your cat can breathe easy from now on!

Because corn has a unique microporous structure, WBCL™ provides a larger surface area than other litter, whch means more odor and moisture absorption. Odors are quickly eliminated with no use of harmful chemicals or perfumes to mask odors. This also means less cleaning for you!

WBCL™ is clumpable, scoopable and even flushable! It is ideal for self-cleaning litter boxes too!

WBCL™ is veterinarian recommended and safe for humans and animals, even kittens.

  • "This is the first time a product has lived up to its advertising! Cleanup is so easy, leaving no mess on the bottom of the box. The name World's Best Cat Litter™ says it all."
    -L.S., Connecticut
  • "I recommend World's Best Cat Litter™ to my clients. It has no silica dust like clay litters and is beneficial to the respiratory health of all cats."
    -Dr. D.L., Veterinarian, Iowa
  • "Because it controls odor so well and is flushable, World's Best Cat Litter™ is great for apartments. My cat accepted it right away."
    -K.R., New York
  • "I use less litter with World's Best Cat Litter™ than I did of other brands, and I no longer worry about the dust and health of my cats."
    -J.R., New Hampshire

    One bag of WBCL™ will last a single cat owner 72 days, and a multiple cat owner up to 36+ days!

    Order your supply of World's Best Cat Litter™ today and we'll include a stainless steel scoop, absolutely free!