Yoggie Pico™ Security Mini Computer

Item# HSG7320

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Yoggie Pico™ Security Mini Computer
A revolution in PC Security

Yoggie's Security Mini-Computer is the 'next generation of Internet Security': a powerful USB key-size Linux-based 520 MHz computer with 12 built-in security applications.

The Yoggie Pico™ is a portable USB mini–computer that replaces ALL of your security software, adds additional security features and speeds your PC’s performance!

  • Block all Internet threats outside, before they reach your PC

  • Hide your PC from Internet Hackers

  • Boost your PC’s performance

  • Dual Flash memory mechanism constitutes an “Untouchable Operating

  • System” barrier for complete physical isolation of your PC from threats

  • Protection from known as well as unknown attacks

  • Plug & Forget easy installation and operation with no special technical knowledge required

  • Security software updates accumulate on the Yoggie’s external mini-server,* instead of draining your PC’s resources

The future of Internet security is here.
Plug-in to the future of Internet security by off-loading security to dedicated: HARDWARE. Real-Time Internet security suites put a heavy load on your computer’s processor, eating up valuable clicks trying to keep you safe. Yoggie’s Pico™ speeds your PC by moving the software and the security burden to its own mini-computer.


  • Anti-Virus

  • Anti-Spam

  • Anti-Phishing

  • Anti-Spyware

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Intrusion Prevention System

  • Firewall (Stateful Inspection)

  • Parental Control

  • Transparent Email and Web Proxies

  • Adaptive Security Policy™

  • Multi-Layer Security Agent™

  • Layer-8 Security Engine™