Zero Plus Hand Sanitizer & Protectant and Multi-Surface Cleaner

Zero Plus Hand Sanitizer & Protectant and Multi-Surface Cleaner
Item# HSG2283

Live germ free with these solutions that eliminate germs on your hands for 60 hours, and safely clean hard surfaces without rinsing or scouring.

Thereís a lot of headline news lately about germs, mold and even ďsuper bugsĒ out there. While you canít actually see them, harmful pathogens are all around you. Any time your hands come in contact with something or someone you run the risk of getting sick. Zero Plus has your solution with a patented and proven Hand Sanitizer & Protectant that works 60 hours!

Most sanitizers available today in grocery stores include alcohol as the active ingredient, which dries out your skin and you have to reapply it constantly. Even then you canít be sure itís actually working. Zero Plus provides an invisible protective barrier to keep your hands soft, smooth and moisturized for 60 hours. Plus it wonít wash off. Whatís more, Zero Plus continuously eliminates not just germs, but also mold, fungi, spores, parasites and even viruses such as the flu. Now you can shake hands, grab doorknobs, use restrooms, and send your kids to school protected and germ free.

Hand sanitizers should last 60 hours (not just a few seconds). And cleaners should really clean. You have better things to do than rub, buff and slave away on countertops, basins, tubs, tile, stainless steel and other living surfaces. Zero Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner features Empowered Waterô thatís been precision-modified to create an extremely effective cleaning fluid and emulsifier. Itís hardworking and lab tested. Yet itís completely non-toxic, positively safe for people and pets. Use it daily on colorfast hard surfaces in your living environment!

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ē 8 oz bottle of Zero Plus Hand Sanitizer & Protectant

ē 2 oz bottle of Zero Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner

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