Month: March 2020

DE Jovan Swann announces grad transfer to Indiana

Former Stanford defensive end Jovan Swann is heading to the Big Ten. Swann announced on his Twitter account on Thursday afternoon that he going to transfer to Indiana for the 2020 season. “I have completed my process of finding a home for my final year of eligibility,” Swann said in on his Twitter account. “To […]

Alia Bhatt to Anushka Sharma, Bollywood’s Bookworms Show the Perfect Way to Self-Quarantine

Working out at home, doing the dishes, cleaning up the house or sorting out closets – our celebs have shown us the various ways in which they have been spending time in self-quarantine. There are bookworms among them too, who have been burying their noses into paperbacks and posting photos of them. Alia Bhatt asked […]

Mini-bull, tired bear, or something in-between

Investors could be forgiven for doing a double-take: Wait, we’re back in a bull market? The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s surge of over 20% from its coronavirus-induced recent low this week, by one definition used on Wall Street, suggests a new bull market. The surge came on hopes a $2 trillion stimulus measure would flood […]

Patreon says more creators are signing up for accounts than usual

Patreon says the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have reached its platform. In a blog post today, the company said more than 30,000 creators signed up for an account in the first few weeks of March. These creators are likely independent artists who have been particularly impacted by government restrictions of large gatherings, as well […]

Senate stimulus plan includes $155 million for HIV care

The $2 trillion stimulus package approved by the Senate on Wednesday includes $155 million in funding for people living with HIV who may be affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. The full text of the plan, which was approved 96-0, earmarks $90 million for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and $65 million for Housing Opportunities […]

Lack of March Madness means much less revenue distribution from NCAA to D1 schools

We don’t typically discuss college basketball on College Football Talk. We have College Basketball Talk to handle that stuff for you guys. But the COVID-19 pandemic taking away the entire NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournament this spring will have a direct impact on all Division 1 schools that could impact one fo your favorite […]

PrettyLittleThing Founder Donates One Month’s Salary to Fight Coronavirus Spread

There is no doubt over the fact that the spread of novel coronavirus is far beyond imagination. The world is getting together in fighting against the deadly virus that has already claimed thousands of lives. The founder and CEO of UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing has decided to donate his one month’s salary to the cause. […]

Global oil, gas producers cut spending after crude price crash

Oil and gas companies are cutting spending plans in response to the coronavirus pandemic and a push by Saudi Arabia and Russia to ramp up output. International benchmark prices have more than halved since the start of the year, falling to around $25 a barrel. North American oil and gas producers have cut capital spending […]

CarPlay dashboard gets third-party maps support in iOS 13.4

CarPlay, Apple’s in-car interface, just got better thanks to an update that lets you use third-party map apps on its dashboard. The CarPlay dashboard displays information from multiple apps at once, like music and maps, which can help you get to your destination, but you could only use Apple Maps until now. Third-party map apps […]

Asian Americans report over 650 racist acts over last week, new data says

Seattle resident Kari was at her local grocery store in mid-March when another shopper told her own child she couldn’t be in the same line as the Korean American. She would get them sick, the shopper said. A week later at the same store, a cashier refused to check her out, saying she was going […]