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Researchers discover novel role of specific histone deacetylase in non-small cell lung cancer

The survival rates for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) have improved greatly over the past decade thanks to several new targeted treatment options for patients. However, lung cancer still remains the number one cause of cancer-related morality, leading to approximately 154,000 deaths each year in the United States. Many patients do not respond […]

Pandemic deaths could top 1.8 mn even with tough response

The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe could hit 1.8 million worldwide this year even with swift and stringent measures to stop it, according to a study from Britain’s Imperial College published Thursday. Researchers estimate that tens of millions of lives could be saved if governments act fast to adopt strict public […]

Justin Bieber ‘Looks Fresh as Hell’ Post-facial Done by Wife Hailey Baldwin

Singer Justin Bieber and wife Hailey are evidently making the most of their quarantine time together. Recently, the Yummy singer shared a selfie on Instagram to flaunt the beauty regime, courtesy his wife. As Bieber uploaded his post-facial look, he wrote, “Love you guys so much. PS – Hailey just gave me a facial”. Soon […]

Kylie Jenner Donates Rs 7.5 Crore in Aid of Medics Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

Kylie Jenner has donated $1 million (Rs 7.5 crore) to Los Angeles medical officials to bear the cost of essential COVID-19 protective gear for emergency staff. There is an acute shortage of supplies and gear for healthcare professionals, which made Kylie extend the charity gesture, reports Gynaecologist Dr Thais Aliabadi, who delivered Kylie’s two-year-old […]

Miley Cyrus Is Struggling With Anxiety Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic

Pop star Miley Cyrus says she suffered a panic attack as she self-isolated in her mansion amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During an interview over FaceTime with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the 27-year-old revealed how the time she spent locked away in her home triggered a number of issues, reports reports “Well, I was […]

Alia Bhatt to Anushka Sharma, Bollywood’s Bookworms Show the Perfect Way to Self-Quarantine

Working out at home, doing the dishes, cleaning up the house or sorting out closets – our celebs have shown us the various ways in which they have been spending time in self-quarantine. There are bookworms among them too, who have been burying their noses into paperbacks and posting photos of them. Alia Bhatt asked […]

PrettyLittleThing Founder Donates One Month’s Salary to Fight Coronavirus Spread

There is no doubt over the fact that the spread of novel coronavirus is far beyond imagination. The world is getting together in fighting against the deadly virus that has already claimed thousands of lives. The founder and CEO of UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing has decided to donate his one month’s salary to the cause. […]